How do I choose the right Vehicle?

There are many things to consider before purchasing a vehicle.  The first is identifying what type of vehicle fits your specific needs.  Metro Motors KC sales Used Cars and Trucks of all types.  We carry everything from coupes to full size SUVs.  Below are a few things to consider before making a buying decision. 

Identify My Needs

How many passengers do I need accommodate?

What type of driving conditions define your daily routine: highway, city streets, off-road?

Will you be driving in the rain, ice, snow, or mud?

Do you have a long commute? Is gas mileage important to you?

Will you need to tow with your new vehicle?

What safety features are most important to you?

What are your cargo needs?

Will you be using car seats?

Establish Your Budget

There are several ways to purchase a vehicle.  Metro Motors KC provides many ways to pay for your new vehicle.  We provide the most competitive finance options to all credit profiles, accept cash payments, bank checks, and buy here pay here.  We have relationships with many prime and sub-prime lenders in the Midwest region.  We can help finance Bad Credit Car Loans. Guaranteed credit approval!  Below are some important points to keep in mind.

Most banks allow up to 15% of your gross or total monthly income to be used towards a monthly car payment.

Every $1,000 you finance is typically between $20-$35 per month (Can vary considerably based upon credit and vehicle)

How Can I Pay For My Car?

Metro Motors KC provides many options to purchase your new vehicle.  We specialize in obtaining the very best terms available for our customers no matter their credit situation. 

Used Car Financing - We provide many financing options that give our customers the flexibility and freedom to choose the program that best fit their needs.  We specialize in helping our customers find the bank that offers the best terms based upon the vehicle of interest and credit profile.  Metro Motors KC has established excellent relationships with many lenders over the 20 years of combine experience that we bring. 

Sub-Prime Financing - We offer multiple programs to those who have less than perfect credit. That's right, we can still help you find the car of your dreams!  We understand that life happens and sometimes we aren't in control of all factors affecting our credit.  That's why we have formed exclusive relationships with our sub-prime lenders, which allow us to provide the best options available for re-establishing your credit. 

Buy Here Pay Here - Metro Motors KC carries specific inventory that allows our customers that may not be able to provide proof of income, other verification need by most banks, or currently unemployed. 

Cash Payments - It may come as no surprise, we accept cash payments!

Bank Check - Bank or cashier’s checks are accepted as a form of payment at Metro Motors KC.

Good Credit, Bad Credit Car Loans, No Credit Car Loans, or Buy Here Pay Here.  We do it all!

How Do I know I'm Buying A Good Car?

Questions To Ask

Do you have a Carfax report?

Is it 4 wheel drive?

Are you the title holder?

How many keys does the car come with?

Does the car have a spare tire and jack?

Will the car pass local/state safety inspections?

Has the car been involved in an accident?

Is the vehicle leaking fluids?

How much tread is left on the tires?

How is the wear on the brakes?

Are there any dealer specific fees that I should know about?

What warranty does my vehicle come with?

Are there options to extend the warranty on my car?

In the past, most consumers relied on a handshake for a sense of confidence when buying a used car.  In today’s market there are many ways to make sure you are purchasing a good car.  The first thing most consumers ask to see is a Carfax.  A Carfax will disclose many details about the vehicle of interest including any accidents, maintenance records, and the vehicles previous location. If the dealer you're working with is not wanting to make these records available, red flag!

What Are My Financing Options?

Bank financing – Metro Motors KC has worked very hard establishing excellent bank relationships with over 30 lenders that allow us to provide the most competitive financing options available.  Ask us about our low rates and custom financing term options.

Guaranteed Credit Approval – We have developed a program that allows customers with less than perfect credit, or no credit finance their new car.  This program reports to all three credit bureaus to help build our customers credit file and allow them to obtain better financing options each time they come back! Credit approval can vary on specific vehicles and may require money down. Call and ask about our Guaranteed Credit Approval program today!

Buy Here Pay Here – We have developed a custom Buy Here Pay Here program for our customers that may have trouble producing proof of income or other items required by most lenders.  The amount of money down required varies depending on the vehicle of interest. 

Cash Payment – We accept cash or bank checks.

How Do I Know What My Payments Will Be?

Several things affect your monthly car payment.  The two biggest factors are the price of vehicle, and credit score.  As a rule of thumb, every $1,000 you finance is between $25-$35 per month in payment.  Using these figures as a guideline, a $10,000 vehicle will cost about $250-$350 a month.  The third contributing factor is the length of time you choose to finance the vehicle.  We offer the most competitive term options to assure you can obtain the lowest monthly payment possible. 

Is There A Penalty For Paying My Loan Off Early?

There is no penalty for paying your loan off early.  All of the bank relationships Metro Motors KC has established are simple interest agreements.  This means there is no pre-pay penalties for paying off your loan early. 

Does Metro Motors KC Use My Bank?

Metro Motors KC has established relationships with over 30 lenders in the KC Metro area.  We provide loans through local credit unions, banks, and nationally known banks.  Call or text us to see if we use your bank today!
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