Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy From a  Dealership

#5: Choice

Dealers often have a big selection of late model cars to let you test drive. They get lots of high quality low mileage cars from folks who are trading up or turning in their leased vehicles. These cars are usually very well maintained.

#4: Protection

Most dealers offer extended warranties and vehicle service plans, which can provide some peace of mind when you buy. You can add to the value of your purchase by negotiating a discount on warranty coverage or service.

#3: Convenience

If you’re looking for one-stop car shopping, buying from a dealership is the way to go. Dealers typically take care of all the necessary paperwork, and most have efficient financing departments that can help you secure a car loan. They know the sales tax rules and will help you with the vehicle registration and the ordering of your new license plates.

#2: The CARFAX Advantage

You’ll have more peace of mind if you buy from people you know in the community who have more at stake than just moving cars. Look for Carfax Advantage Dealers and you’ll get the additional benefit of knowing that those dealers provide free Carfax Vehicle History Reports.

#1: Dependability

Dealers view everyone who comes into their dealership as potentially a customer for the long haul. They like to build relationships by providing great customer service, quality repair service and giving you the confidence that they will be there when you need them.