Metro Motors KC provides many options to purchase your new vehicle.  We specialize in obtaining the very best terms available for our customers no matter their credit situation. 

Used Car Financing - We provide many financing options that give our customers the flexibility and freedom to choose the program that best fit their needs.  We specialize in helping our customers find the bank that offers the best terms based upon the vehicle of interest and credit profile.  Metro Motors KC has established excellent relationships with many lenders over the 20 years of combine experience that we bring. 

Sub-Prime Financing - We offer multiple programs to those who have less than perfect credit. That's right, we can still help you find the car of your dreams!  We understand that life happens and sometimes we aren't in control of all factors affecting our credit.  That's why we have formed exclusive relationships with our sub-prime lenders, which allow us to provide the best options available for re-establishing your credit. 

Buy Here Pay Here - Metro Motors KC carries specific inventory that allows our customers that may not be able to provide proof of income, other verification need by most banks, or currently unemployed. 

Cash Payments - It may come as no surprise, we accept cash payments!

Bank Check - Bank or cashier’s checks are accepted as a form of payment at Metro Motors KC.

Good Credit, Bad Credit Car Loans, No Credit Car Loans, or Buy Here Pay Here.  We do it all!